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Best wishes for 2014!

Originally published at Mary Victoria. Please leave any comments there.

I think space-time slopes downwards – time is certainly running away from me. How did the new year arrive so quickly? Anyway, I want to wish a most wonderful and fulfilling 2014 to all my friends out there in the blogosphere. I may not comment on your entries often, but your presence is a comfort to me every day. Never stop speaking, writing, communicating in all the ways that you do. I treasure it.

Personally, I have reached a point of silence, of stillness, after about ten years of continuous activity. During that time there was always a manuscript or a deadline, a young child to care for, jobs to apply for, a house to sell or buy, a major life move to prepare. There were very few “holidays.” Now, suddenly, that manic level of activity has ebbed. I’m sure it will take off again (with a vengeance) but for now, I’m enjoying the lull.

If the weather improves, I shall go outside and poke the river with a stick.

EDIT: the lull is already over. That was quick!


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